Chris Basias

Chris Basias   希腊/Greece

Chris Basias是位于希腊雅典的CT Lights灯具创意工作室的创始人。他对手工艺的热爱及乐于尝试的性格,使他不断去探索艺术世界和开拓产品设计的疆域。他热衷于创造,乐于打破传统,他的作品不拘一格而独具匠心。在希腊乡村成长的童年经历,是他创作的不竭源泉,故他的作品充满了戏谑与欢愉的情绪。

Chris Basias is the founder of the creative studio CT Lights, based in Athens, Greece. Since early on, his love for crafting and experimenting led him to explore the world of arts and product design. He has a passion for the creative process and prototyping his ideas in a nontraditional way.

His works show an element of playfulness and references from his childhood experience in the Greek countryside