​郭亚莹 Guo Yaying

郭亚莹/Guo Yaying          中国/China                                                               

厦门诺恩斯科技有限公司/XIAMEN NORNS TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.                            

研发总监/R&D director


Paul, director of Xiamen Norns R&D of New Material in Protection, graduated master in Chemistry College of Xiamen University in 1989. He operates R&D, manufacture , marketing and technology support in new material . The smart R&D team is established that focuses on innovation and pays attention to cooperation with universities and academies of science and has been authorized 19 patents.                                                                             


     轨道地铁交通使城市具有高颜值与高素质,极大地提升人们的生活品质。地铁交通的建设工程主要是由前期的土建工程和后期的装修工程组成的。在后期的装修工程中,石材的防护工艺技术和防护效果尤为重要,它直接影响整个地铁工程的高颜值与高素质,是一项理论性和应用性均很强的专业技术。由于地铁是位于城市地面以下,与普通工程的石材防护工艺技术相比, 地铁工程的石材防护工艺技术有它自身显著的特点,需要专门的解决方案与之匹配, 以达到最好的地铁工程石材防护的效果, 使地铁工程具有最好的颜值与最完美的素质。                                                                     

Abstract of Speech

     The urban metro makes the city more beautiful and better development, and optimizes people’s life quality. The metro construction engineering consists of both civil construction and decoration engineering in which the stone protection technology is very important, and impacts on the metro appearance beauty directly and is a major technology in theory and application. With the metro under the ground, its stone protection technology has the different character, comparing with the common one, that needs the special solution in order to reach the most best effect.