刘小安 Liu Xiaoan

刘小安Liu Xiaoan          中国 China                                                               

长沙市汇泉经贸有限公司 Hui Quan Economic and Trade Ltd. Co. Of Changsha                                                         

总经理 General Manager                                                               




China Stone Application and Care Specialist Committee - Vice officer, committee of specialist. National Stone Care professional Technician and Career skill identification evaluation staff. Take part into establish National Standard of Stone Care technology . I was participated in the deliberation of Shenzhen Standard of Stone Care. I am the founder of Huiquan Stone factory and Changsha Huiquan Economic & Trade Co. I am also in charge of Italy FABER stone care product selling in China and the trainer of training centre. My main purpose is solving the problem of stone care – Protection, Treatment, Maintenance and Anti-slip of stone & tiles. I am the only one female specialist who put the principle of medical into stone care problem solving: Protection, Treatment and maintenance combine together.



Abstract of Speech (For promotion, within 150 words)

Different kind of white marble have different material structure it call “ inner factor” and during the improper installation it may cause many problems it call “ outer factor”. We will thorough analysis from both factors to deal with white marble yellowish. In order to teach people how to prevent and control then stay away from this situation.