梁佩华 Peihua LIANG

梁佩华 Peihua LIANG        China

The Forest Trust      Project officer

Penny 在社会责任和劳工权益方面已经有5年评估经验, 擅长于社会责任评估并提出实际性的建议,以引导工厂做出改善。

Penny has been working on the social compliance for about 5 years, which is expertized in social requirements and practical recommendations.



有志向,有远见的企业能够长久维护供应链,转向可持续经营。 更加完善、更加安全和负责任的商业行为,是全球石材行业的大势所趋。




Abstract of Speech

As China is one of the biggest stone exported countries, the global demand for stone is increasing. Stone mining and production creates revenue, rural jobs and many great products. But at the meantime, it drives environmental pollution, illegal mining, community and human rights violations.  Exploitation of people were found during the production. Therefore, responsible stone sourcing is particularly important.

Ambitious, forward-looking companies can secure their long-term supply chain and transform their sustainability performance. A better, more secure and responsible industry is possible worldwide.

We are not only focusing on the worker’s rights, but also improve the stone industry with all our efforts.

Let join us if you want to know more about responsible stone sourcing!