Featured Events

World famous architects, top stone experts, manufacturers of latest stone products and machines gather here annually for conversation and inspiration.

Global Master Architects Forum

Global Master Architects Forum, distinguished gathering of famed architects, has drawn great public attention since firstly held.

New Products Launch

Launch out @ XSF includes two sections: release conference and exhibit display in Hall C3b. It concentrates on unveiling the latest products and technology.

Stone Infinite - Product Design Show

Stone Infinite Show is a hub for possibilities of using natural stone, witnessing the future of stone design.

Stone Design Forum

Design animates stone. Famed designers are invited to share their unique perspective on design forum. Some of their designs are also displayed on Stone Infinite Show.

Educational Sessions

World’s leading stone experts gather to educate and inspire the industry. Current topics cover technological innovations, management experiences, as well as selling techniques.

Sessions for Industrial Promotion

This section focuses on addressing the emerging common problems, analyzing market conditions, and sharing valuable experiences and perception to adapt to constantly changing market demand.

Exhibitor Promotion