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For the convenience of our exhibitors and visitors, we will negotiate special rates with the hotels in December. Please feel free to contact service@stonefair.org.cn or call 86-592-5959501 for further information. Our staff will assist you through the room reservation procedure.

Organizing Committee of Xiamen Stone Fair

Five Star Hotel ( ★★★★★ )

Hotel Name Distance to Venue Free Shuttle to Venue Tel/Fax Address Website
Xiamen International Seaside Hotel 0.3 km 86-592-5959999 No.199, Huizhan No.2 Road, Siming District www.cndhotels.com/seaside/
3 min by walk 86-592-5959666
Xiamen International Conference Center Hotel 0.5 km
86-592-5958888 No.1697, East Huandao Road, Siming District www.cndhotels.com/icc/
10 min by walk 86-592-5959666
Xiamen Seaview Resort 4.9 km
86-592-5023333 No.3999 South Huandao Road, Siming District www.cndhotels.com/seaview/
7 min by Car 86-592-5905577
Xiamen C&D Hotel (Xiamen Mandarin Hotel) 12.6 km Y 86-592-6023333 No.101,Yuehua Road, Huli District www.cndhotels.com/xm/
30 min by car       86-592-6021035
Millennium Harbor View Hotel 13.8 km Y 86-592-2023333 No.12-8, Zhenhai Road, Siming District www.millenniumxiamen.com
25 min by car 86-592-2030099
Tianyuan Grand Hotel 1 km No.1813, Huandao East Road, Siming District
10 min by walk 86-592-5923732
Royal Victoria Hotel 3 km 86-592-2528888 No.6699, Huandao South Road, Siming District www.royal-victoria.com
8 min by car 86-592-2528812
Shangri la Hotel Xiamen 3.5 km Y 86-592-8385888 No.168 Taidong Road (Guanyinshan International Business Center), Siming District www.shangri-la.com
10 min by car 86-592-8385889
Peony International Hotel 4.2 km Y 86-592-5955888 No.568, Lianqian Xi Road, Siming District www.peony-hotel.com
9 min by car 86-592-5955646
Fliport Software Park Hotel 4.8 km Y 86-592-6307888 No.1, Guanri Road, Software Park, Siming District www.fliportsph.com
10 min by car 86-592-6307999
Peony Harbor City Hotel 7.8 km Y 86-592-8607666 No.55 South Mucuo Road, Huili District www.peony-hotel.com
13 min by car 86-592-8607066
Hilton Xiamen 8 km Y 86-592-5399999 No.199, Jiahe Road, Siming District www.hilton.com.cn
18 min by car 86-592-5393888
Hyatt Regency Xiamen 8 km Y 86-592-6061234 No.5 Riyuan Road #2, Huli District xiamenwuyuanwan.regency.hyatt.com
15 min by car
Wutong Fliport Hotel 8.2km Y 86-592-3917777 No.2496 Huandao East Road, Huli District www.iport.com.cn
13 min by car 86-592-3917111
The Westin Xiamen 8.8 km Y 86-592-3378888 No.398 Xianyue Road, Siming District www.westin.com/xiamen
19 min by car 86-592-3378812
Jingmin Central Hotel 8.8 km Y 86-592-5123333 No.158, Yuhou Nanli, Siming District www.jmhotel.com
21 min by car 86-592-5109966
Kempinski Hotel Xiamen 9.2 km Y 86-592-2588888 No. 98 Hubin Middle Road, Siming District www.kempinski.com/xiamen
23 min by car 86-592-2351999
Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Yuzhou Xiamen 9.7 km Y 400 820 8632 No.882, Zhongzhai Road, Huli District www.wyndham.com
20 min by car 86-592-5777922
Marco Polo Xiamen 12.6 km Y 86-592-5091888 No.8 Jianye Road Hubin Bei, Siming District www.marcopolohotels.com
19 min by car 86-592-5115572
Hotel Indigo Xiamen 13.4 km Y 86-592-3361666 No.16 Lujiang Road, Siming District www.hotelindigoxiamen.com
19 min by car 86-592-2261333
Tegoo Hotel Xiamen 13.8 km Y 86-592-3332333 East Tower, Xiamen Top Plaza, 2 Lujiang Road, Siming District www.tegoohotel.com
20 min by car 86-592-5523888


No.7 Guangjun Road, Nanshan, Huli District www.lemeridien.com/xiamen
30 min by car 86-592-7709129

Four Star Hotel (★★★★)

City Hotel Xiamen 10.9 km Y 86-592-2053333 16 Huyuan Road, Siming District www.cndhotels.com/cityhotel/
20 min by car 86-592-2049730
Binbei Yiho Hotel 11.6 km Y 86-592-5303711 No.40 Hubin Bei Road, Siming District www.cndhotels.com/binbei/
22 min by car 86-592-5059606
Jingzhuan Yiho Hotel 7.8 km 86-592-5055888 No.469, Hubin South Road, Siming District www.cndhotels.com
20 min by car
Huli Yiho Hotel 12.9 km
86-592-5303666 No.13 Huli Street, Huli District www.cndhotels.com/huli/
30 min by car 86-592-5687699
JINRUIJIATAI HOTEL 2.8 km Y 86-18060928060 No.607-609, Honglianzhong Road, Siming District www.jrjthotel.com
10 min by car 86-592-5595222
Xiamen Airlines Lakeside Hotel (Xiamen Airlines Jinyan Hotel) 10.2 km Y 86-592-2218888 No.99, South Hubin Road, Siming District www.jinyan-hotel.com
25 min by car 86-592-2235967
S.I.G RESORT 41.5km
86-592-7891333 No.1168 Chaoyuan Road, Tingxi Town, Tong'an District www.sig-resort.com
58 min by car 86-592-7218955