Doing Business in the United States

This session will cover what stone standards and testing requirements that govern commerce when supplying stone in North America. The session will also introduce information about a new ‘supplier-to-buyer’ manual intended to help make the commerce of supplying stone easier (outlines for purchase orders, progress reports, customs, claims, insurance, arbitration and more). This information should be used to strengthen your relationships with suppliers and buyers from around the world.

Learning Objectives:

1.       Understand what stone standards are most widely used to supply stone to the U.S. market.

2.       Learn about the new “supplier-to-buyer” manual and how it can become a guide for commerce with clients around the world.

3.       Gain information to strengthen your relationship with U.S. customers.


1.       Evan Cohan, Quality Marble & Granite

2.       David Castellucci, Kenneth Castellucci & Associates

3.       Duane Naquin, Stone Interiors


5.       Jim Hieb, MIA+BSI: The Natural Stone Institute

Time: 14:00-15:00

Room: 401