Product design with stone: ideas for household items made of marble, granite etc

                                                      Peter Becker, editor-in-chief of,

                                                    the international online-magazine for the stone sector

All over the world, product designers start discovering natural stone as an interesting material. Peter Becker will give an overlook of 2016’s new entries on the market.


As a matter of fact, marble, granite & co offer a lot of opportunities for designers to turn the material into products for everyday usage. But: stone is not an easy material.


More than just showing beautiful objects, Peter will analyze the principles of a successful product design with stone.


It means: creatives have to respect what the material can (and what it cannot!) and design items which can be sold on the market for reasonable prizes.


Unfortunately, still many examples of the so called stone-design today are not really design - they are: art or, in many cases: just nonsense.