Innovate & Practice beyond Aesthetics - Stone Brand Upgrading

                                                                                         Zhu Liang

I. Viewpoint: the Planning Idea to Foster Innovation in Traditional Stone Industry

1. From the aspect of products: by drawing inspiration cross-field and launching original designs together with cross-field designers to break stereotyped boundaries of the market.

2.From the aspect of marketing model: by adopting F2C system, narrowing the spread of brand, cutting market cost and building the brand image as lean and mean to make progress.

3. From the aspect of industry innovation: advocating refined division of industry, separating factory from brand and establishing a learning industry.


II. Lecture Case - Foreign Marble / Ceramic Tile Brands

1.International Brands——




2.Domestic Brands——

domestic - Artmore

domestic - Lapure

domestic -Yingliang Five Warehouse - Stone Museum + Pan Household Model


III. Suggestion on the Stone Industry and Brand Building.


IIII. Cooperation Planning.

1. Launching a new marble Pan household brand. (will be announced when the time comes)

2. Promoting brand cooperation.