Artificial stone catches up on natural stone. How do we react?

                                                                                             Prof. Dr. Gerd Merke

Euroroc is the umbrella association in Europe, which combines all aspects of natural stone via the European Commission and national governments from marketing issues up to technical aspects. Prof. Dr. Gerd Merke, Secretary General will focus in his lecture on branches that want to use the image of natural stone for their own business.

The first editions of artificial stone were just ridiculous. To balance these disadvantages names of natural stone were copied, which continues to cause confusion for consumers on the market.

In the meantime artificial stone has improved considerably. The quality is sometimes superb and only experts can see the difference.

How can we react? To buy the real thing is a good argument, but if one cannot see it?

Emotions and facts - Merke will give ideas and answers to think of. Marketing strategies for the years to come.