Imagine that the marble would talk to us - what would it say?

                                                  Magda Konstantinidou, Stone Group International, Greece

Greek company Stone Group International (SGI) has gained much attention with its marketing concept „12 Mythic Marbles“, in which ancient fairy tales from a region in the country are used to promote stone from that region: For every quarry is told the story of an ancient hero who once lived where now the stone comes from. The stone bears the name of the hero or the region, and as these myths are well-know all over the world, the client feels familiar with the stone and the story.

„A piece of Greece” is the leitmotif of the marketing concept.

Magda’s emotional approach is to imagine that the marble would talk to us - this is what it would say: „You took me from the Earth. Respect me. Treat me well. Make something good out of me.”

Magda will also speak about the company’s latest marketing idea: in the case of „Pirgon” marble, the stone is linked to water-phenomena like mist or river streams, as water is indispensable to the creation of marble deposits.

In the case of „Venus Vox” marble, the stone is brought in connection to „Vox”, which is the voice any material is carrying inside, reflecting also the outer sound of the earth.

Magda Konstantinidou works in the Marketing & Communication Department of Stone Group International (SGI), Greece.