3D-Printing with stone powder - a new and promising way to reuse slurry from stone processing

                                                        Ing. Filippo Gobbin, Desamanera srl, Italy


3D-Printing is a new technology which opens many interesting possibilities.

Newest technological breakthroughs show that it is also a hot topic for the stone sector:

3D-Printing can be used with stone powder and natural binders, so: the residues of the blocks cut into slabs may be recovered and to have, therefore, huge amount of materials to be used.


A leading company in the field of 3D-Printing is Desamanera srl from Italy.

Filippo Gobbin, Ing. Researcher in R&D Department of the company, will lecture about the technology’s state of the art and give examples for objects Desamanera has already printed with stone powder.

More over: Ing. Gobbin will show works created through -MarbleSkin™ -: a “surface characterization process“ developed by Desamanera srl through which the Marble can be applied in a minimum thickness on all the amazing shapes that can be achieved with the 3D technology, and on many surfaces .


“The future is wide open“ could be the motto of his lecture. Filippo Gobbin will open a window to see what is already now and what is coming up.