China Stone Industry: Market to be discovered


From figures by the Chinese General Administration of Customs, significant changes appeared in the structure of stone products exported in 2016. Rectangular stones, granite headstones, marble products, granite tombstones, granite products, slates, artificial stones are the most popular varieties of stones exported.


The main countries and regions who imported Chinese stones are: South Korea (1.18 billion USD), America (0.63 billion USD), Japan (0.47 billion USD), Saudi Arabia (0.14 billion USD), Vietnam (0.34 billion USD), Taiwan (0.103 billion USD), Iraq (0.145 billion USD), Germany (0.193 billion USD), Macau (0.12 billion USD), etc.


Regarding to the imported quantity and variety, marble blocks and granite blocks were still the top two, taking up over 95%. Among them, Marble blocks imported reached 1.2 billion USD, 6.53 million tons. Main countries imported marble blocks to China: Turkey (0.671 billion USD, 3.3 million tons), Egypt( 0.11 billion USD), Italy( 0.104 billion USD ), Iran (95 million USD), Spain (47 million tons), etc.


Granite blocks imported reached 0.807 billion USD, 4.72 million tons. Main countries imported granite blocks to China: India (0.553 billion USD, 3.5 million tons), Brazil (0.156 billion USD, 0.74 million tons), Finland (18 million USD, 0.12 million tons), Norway (25 million USD, 93 thousand tons), South Africa (14 million USD, 79 thousand tons), etc. More potential market to be discovered in 2017.